Job:Operations Commissioner
Work experience:More than 1 year
Jobs introduced
1, is responsible for collecting and collating product demand, writing product requirements documents, product design and communication work undertaken operations;
2, the collection using the product in question and the feedback of operational data, statistics;
3, regular collection and analysis of operational data, and to report to their superiors;
4, responsible for the promotion effect of tracking, assessment, submitted to statistical analysis and the effects of the report;
5, regularly monitor competitors' products were collected and market intelligence, and conduct research and analysis;
6, management and analysis of information on business cooperation, and regular follow-up product information supplied by the business;
7, explain the task execution superiors
Job requirements
job requirements 1, are familiar with and love the Internet industry, about the Internet all kinds of products, in particular to understand the electricity supplier products; 2, there is more than one year of work experience and the Internet industry; 3, skilled use other mapping tabulation OFFICE, PS and other tools; 4, familiar with the basics of the operating business platform, related promotional tools and methodologies; 5, work emphasizes innovation and breakthrough, serious, honest, orderly, quick thinking, good execution, good learning ability and team spirit, with a high sense of responsibility, proactive, willing to accept the challenge, can under greater pressure to maintain good working condition, associations and activities related experience, good communication, organization and coordination.
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